we work

The OM family is big! From Albania to Zambia, OM has teams in over 110 countries - and our ship, Logos Hope, reaches into many more.

Some teams live in booming modern cities and some live in quiet rural villages. Some are long-established while others are still in the pioneer stage.

If our call is to “go and make disciples of all nations,” then our mission continues until all nations have been reached.

As a first priority, we focus on those peoples and communities who have never heard of the love of Christ, and then on those who may have heard but don’t have access to a vibrant community of Jesus followers where they can see Christ’s love each day.

We live and breathe to seek out the people and communities who don’t know God’s love. We are passionate about making an introduction, and providing active, ongoing discipleship.

Our conviction to follow Jesus fuels our passion to love the world no matter what. We will go to any length, cross any boundary, and strive to reach every person in order to share the hope that can only be found in Him.

In order of priority, we want to see God’s love shared in places where:

1. No one is sharing the life and teachings of Jesus

. . . like in Afghanistan, where the average person will hear the gospel once every 30.5 years.

2. There are no communities of Jesus followers

. . . like in Japan, where there are over 1,700 towns and villages without an evangelical church.

3. Culture, language and other barriers separate people from local Jesus followers

. . . like among the 1 million Syrian refugees in Europe.