It seems at the moment that I can’t turn on the news, or look at social media without being confronted by the plight of persecuted Christians. Across Syria and Iraq the most devastating stories have emerged about Christians, and other minority groups, suffering at the hands of Islamic militants and extremists. Our world is so terribly broken. However, as I was praying the other day, I was reminded of Saul who was persecuting Christians in his time. In the midst of the atrocities he was committing Jesus met him, removed the scales from his eyes and changed his name and his life! Paul ended up being, arguably, the greatest missionary to ever live.

My prayer is that Jesus would do the same today! That in our time we would see Jesus break into the lives of those who are causing such suffering and, like Paul, as they see who Jesus really is, that they will be completely transformed. I invite you to join with me and pray that God would miraculously intervene and that we would see this generation’s “Paul” be used mightily by God.

Celebrating Andrew Carnell’s service to OM Queensland

Following five years of wonderful, productive service to OM Australia and to Queensland OM supporters, OM Australia’s Queensland State Director Andrew Carnell is changing roles!

Andrew has been feeling God’s leading to be more involved in pastoral ministry, culminating in Andrew accepting a significant part time pastoral position with Bridgeman Downs Baptist Church. We are excited about this new leading of the Lord and pray God’s blessing on this new avenue of ministry. We are equally excited to let you know that despite Andrew’s new role in the church, he will continue to lead OM Australia’s TeenStreet ministry. If you don’t already do so, and you would like to financially support Andrew as he leads the ministry of TeenStreet, we invite you to contact our National Office at

We invite you to join us in prayer as we actively seek a replacement Queensland state representative to take up the excellent work that Andrew has been doing. It is critical that we do so.

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Nick-Vinitha-AndrewWe are delighted and praising God to let you know that all three Aussie OMers involved in the accident in Botswana on 6 August have returned home safely and are now continuing their process of healing and recovery at home; Andrew in WA and Nick and Vinitha in Victoria. There have been miracles along the way…no doubt about it! But the journey continues towards full healing and recovery! The three South Africans also injured in the accident, Heinrich, Gerhard and Sibusiso also continue to recover well. A memorial service for Donovan, the South African also involved in the accident was held on 16 August.

We invite you to continue to pray for all involved. We already have seen God answer the many prayers of His people.

Again, we invite you to give to the Recovery Fund, especially set up to help OM and the families cover the costs resulting from the accident. Any gifts received for the Recovery Fund that are not needed by the families of Andrew, Nick and Vinitha will be offered to offset expenses of the others in the accident and/or to a ministry that was on Donovan’s heart in his memory.

We look forward to reporting back to you on how your donation has been able to help.

Thank you for your prayers and your partnership at this difficult time.

The OM Australia Team

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Throughout the Bible is a wonderful theme: freedom. From God rescuing His people from slavery all the way through to Jesus declaring that He has come to set captives free, we see that God is interested in bringing us freedom. The first chapter of Matthew outlines the lineage of Christ and reminds us that God chose to redeem fallen people through injecting the bloodline of Jesus. God is in the business of using His Son to transform lives and communities in order to bring freedom through His love and grace! 


Because of Jesus I am filled with hope for our world and pray that God will use all of us to bring justice and freedom. One of the biggest injustices in our world today is seen in India. The caste system is still imbedded within Indian society and people are oppressed through a religious system that teaches that god Brahma created people in their castes according to his people within the lowest caste (the untouchables or Dalits) is 300 million.

This is one of the leading forms of slavery in our world today as the untouchables are made to live outside the city centres in surrounding villages and participate in degrading work such as dealing with dead bodies and the removal of human waste. Ironically, although being called “untouchable” they are also the most commonly trafficked people into the sex industry in India due to their vulnerability.

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